Chavez Jr. Boxing Loses to Anderson Silva, Former UFC Champion

By | 27/06/2021
Chavez Jr. Boxing Loses to Anderson Silva, Former UFC Champion


Duel Anderson Silva vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in the boxing ring ended in surprise. Silva, who is a former UFC champion and has minimal experience in boxing, beat Chavez Jr.

Silva Party vs. Chavez Jr. was held at Jalisco Stadium, Guadalajara, Mexico, on Saturday (19/6/2021) local time. This duel is part of the event Tribute To The Kings.

In an eight-round duel in the boxing ring, Silva in the process managed to bring a surprise by winning points over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The result was unexpected because they had a boxing duel, with Silva actually being more synonymous with the MMA world.

Throughout the fight, Anderson Silva was noted to be able to continue to trouble Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. with the combination of punches and agile footwork that he showed. At the start of the fourth round, for example, when the former UFC champion unleashed an uppercut towards the inside of his opponent’s defence.

In the fifth round, Chavez Jr. continued to be bothered with jabs released by Anderson Silva. In the seventh round, at least there was an uppercut by Silva that again made him successful in getting points. In the last round, Silva also continued to dictate the fight.

Silva, who lacked a boxing record (2-1 with 1 KO), was finally declared victorious over Chavez Jr., a 35-year-old boxer who once held the WBC boxing champion belt.

“I’m so happy. I feel really wow,” said Silva with a big smile after the match, as reported by

After the match Anderson Silva, who is now 46 years old, was also asked whether he would continue his career in boxing. He neither confirmed nor ruled out the possibility. To be sure, the public at Jalisco Stadium gave a boisterous applause.

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