As the main choice, Inzaghi asks for Alexis Sanchez’s physical guarantee

By | 23/07/2021
As the main choice, Inzaghi asks for Alexis Sanchez's physical guarantee –

Italian League News: Still the best choice for Inter Milan, Simone Inzaghi asks for Alexis Sanchez’s fitness guarantee. The 32-year-old is also prone to injury.

Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi still wants to keep Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean player is considered a potential player who can be deployed as a deadlock, or become a commensurate cover for the Lautaro-Lukaku duo.

However, to stay on the Inter squad list, the latest report in the print edition of Tuttosport says that Inzaghi wants a guarantee of fitness from the player.

This is quite reasonable, the 32-year-old player is often smothered with severe injuries. Even at the beginning of his arrival to the Giuseppe Meazza, Sanchez had to be sidelined for quite a while because of the knee injury he got while defending the Chilean national team.

South American football culture, which is known to be tough, is a scary thing for Inzaghi, considering that the former Manchester United player is certain to be called up again from the Chilean national team to play six matches in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying event.

On the other hand, Inter currently do not have many options up front. If one of Lautaro and Lukaku must be unable to appear, Inzaghi can only rely on Martin Satriano. While Andrea Pinamonti is now prioritized for sale.

Sanchez himself has proven to be a high-quality player. During his two seasons with Inter, he always emerged as the savior of the team with his goals and assists.

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