Less than 1 minute, Carlos Dixon stops Moises Flores | Tribunosport.com

By | 04/07/2021
Less than 1 minute, Carlos Dixon stops Moises Flores |  Tribunosport.com

SURPRISE was recorded by Uprising Promotions super featherweight boxer, Carlos Dixon (12-1-0, 9 KOs).

Fighting with Moises Flores who has been in the ring 30 times (25-4-1, 17 KOs) at the Iroqupis Amphitheater, Louisiville, Kentucky, Friday (2/7) local time, Dixon only needed 47 seconds to stop him.

“We are really proud of Carlos,” said Ronson Frank, President of Uprising Promotions. “We gave PR in the form of tough opponents, but he finished it in less than 1 minute.”

“Carlos proved himself to have very good prospects. He is a hard worker and there are famous people around him like James, his coach and father. We are preparing the way for him to fight for the title.”

In that fight, Dixon showed himself to have very good body moving with sharp jabs. He pressed Flores from the bell before a hard right hook knocked Flores down followed by a left that forced Flores to kiss the ring canvas in 40 seconds.

The judge tried to count Flores, but then saw that Flores was not ready to continue his fight so the duel was stopped.

“I tested it with a jab,” Dixon said. “I’m confused with a quick jab. Then I saw his body open and I hit him there. “

While in another fight, Demontaze Duncan (4-0-0, 4 KOs) who was only 18 years old, scored his fourth KO victory. He knocked out Hugo Padilla, 25, also in round 1.TOR-05

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