The Strategy of Indonesian Supporters Can Directly Support Asnawi in the K-League Without Being Penalized

By | 23/07/2021


SEOUL – The totality of Indonesian fans in supporting idol players is unquestionable. In fact, there were those who were desperate to watch the South Korean League (K-League) match live between Busan I Park and Ansan Greeners to support Asnawi Mangkualam.

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Interestingly, this reckless action managed to escape the security forces. Even though dozens of people came, they were able to enter the stadium to support Asnawi.

Yes, recently circulated a video recording that received the public spotlight of the country and became the subject of discussion in South Korea. The contents of the recording show that Indonesian supporters can qualify and watch the match live during the Busan I Park match against Ansan Greeners, Saturday (17/7/2021).

There were about 30 Indonesian fans who came to the Gudeok Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The supporters came with the excuse of supporting the Indonesian National Team (Timnas) player, Asnawi who played for the visiting team, Ansan Greeners.

According to South Korean media Sport-G, the presence of the 30 Indonesian supporters had invited controversy. One of the supporters even waved the Indonesian flag and took a group photo.

In fact, the organizers of the K-League have strict rules that prohibit visiting fans from coming to the stadium in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19. If this rule is violated, the team concerned can be penalized.

But apparently the Indonesian fans have prepared everything carefully. They stated that they came to support Asnawi who happened to play in the visiting team, Ansan Greeners, so they were not club supporters.

Meanwhile, in the K-League rules, opposing supporters are prohibited from entering the stadium. That way, the K-League authorities cannot use the presence of Indonesian fans as evidence of support for Ansan, because they support Asnawi.

During the game, they are also under constant surveillance. The supporters were not at all provoked to shout slogans to the Ansan team and acted purely as spectators.

They also cheered and applauded if the Busan team had a goal opportunity, as well as when the Ansan team had a chance. Because in the K-League rules, shouting or yelling at the visitors can be used as evidence.

At half-time, Indonesian fans waved flags and took pictures together. However, they were reprimanded by the officers. They then packed it up and asked that the Indonesian flag not be confiscated.

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During the match, the fans obeyed by continuing to wear masks and did not violate health protocols. With these facts, the stadium supervisor and security officer could not report the incident and asked the K-League to punish Ansan Greeners for the presence of his supporters.



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