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This Small Country Wins Its First Olympic Medal in History

By | 30/07/2021

Asaka – Alessandra Perilli, this shooting athlete made history. He was able to present the first Olympic medal for his country San Marino. Alessandra Perilli represented San Marino in the women’s shooting event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which was held at the Asaka Shooting Range. Through a tight match, he managed to sit in third place and… Read More »

Cool! This 13-year-old boy donates gold to his country

By | 27/07/2021

Photo Sports AP Photo/Ben Curtis – Sport Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021 14:19 WIB 0 comments SHARE URL has been copied . Source link

This Country Again Wins Medals at the Olympics After Waiting 45 Years

By | 27/07/2021

Tokyo – Flora Duffy won the gold medal in the women’s triathlon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This is the first medal for Bermuda in 45 years. With a population of no more than 65,000 people, Bermuda, located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, has been actively participating in the Olympics since the 1936 edition in Berlin. But throughout… Read More »

This is the second country to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

By | 22/07/2021

Tokyo – The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has again been abandoned by one of the participating countries. There are already two countries that have decided to withdraw from the event because they are worried about the threat of the Corona virus. Inside the Games reported, Guinea became the latest country to decide to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.… Read More »

Sardinia, a country in the middle of nowhere that helped Italy win the Euros

By | 14/07/2021

INDOSPORT.COM – Get to know Sardinia, one of the countries in the middle of nowhere that has contributed to the success of the Italian national team in winning Euro 2020. Previously, Italy itself managed to ensure itself the champion of Euro 2020, after in the final match defeating the host England via a penalty shootout. In the match… Read More »